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If you love them, desex them

We believe it is every pet owner’s responsibility to desex their pet, not only for their own pet’s health and well-being; but to curb accidental litters that add to the thousands of lost and abandoned animals that enter shelters each year.

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Desexing your pet is simple.
If you love them, desex them.

New Year’s Eve fireworks: Plan now to keep your pets safe

New Year’s Eve is only a month away. It’s a celebratory time for humans,...

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ADOPTED & ADORED: A happy home for two purring pals

Adopters are loving people who offer a home and second chance to an animal...

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Adopted dog, Levi, enjoys summer adventures with his family. Photo: @misterleviwatson / Instagram

Preparing your pets for summer

Summer is a fun time when we get to enjoy the great outdoors with...

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ADOPTED & ADORED: Slab steals hearts… and the couch

Senior dog Slab has a loyal nature and heart of gold – typical of...

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