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Finding a lost pet

Check animal shelters and pounds

Due to the large number of dogs and cats that become lost every day, we strongly recommended that you physically visit the Home and other shelters and pounds if you have lost your pet.

Conduct a neighbourhood search

Conduct a thorough search of the area where your pet was last seen. Your search should include door knocking, letter box drops, posting fliers in prominent places. Don’t forget to include a photo of your pet, a detailed description, the date and area your pet went missing and your contact details.

Check local and surrounding councils

Check the area where you believe your pet was lost and phone your local council to find out where animals are taken when collected by council rangers. Councils may have their own holding pens or use a major animal shelter like The Lost Dogs’ Home to hold lost and stray animals. Check Know Your Council to locate adjacent councils.


Microchipping is generally a reliable and permanent form of identification for your pet. Ensure your pet has the best chance of returning home should it ever become lost by keeping your contact details up-to-date with your microchip register and regularly checking if the chip can be properly scanned.