About us

Vision & Mission

Our vision

To be the pre-eminent animal welfare organisation in caring for lost and unwanted dogs and cats and in enhancing the responsible ownership of these animals in the community.

Our mission

To work with the community in promoting the welfare of dogs and cats by reducing the number of lost cats and dogs, alleviating their pain and suffering and enhancing the responsible pet ownership and enjoyment of pets.

We will fulfill this mission by performing the following functions:

  • Providing optimal animal shelter services to facilitate the reunion of lost pets with their owners, maximise pet adoptions, provide animal management services for local and state government authorities, offer quality veterinary services for stray animals and the pets of private clients.
  • Managing our financial resources effectively and with transparency such that we continue to be financially viable.
  • Fostering a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable workplace for the public, our staff and the animals in our care.
  • Employing skilled staff and providing them with training opportunities and professional development to advance their skills and careers in an equal opportunity work environment.
  • Promoting public awareness for The Lost Dogs’ Home, our vision, mission and core values.
  • Providing a quality and professional service to all clients, customers and requests for services from the public.
  • Educating the public in all aspects of responsible pet ownership.
  • Providing strong advocacy for animal welfare policies, procedures, legislation and education in the community, at all levels of government and in the media.
  • Actively supporting campaigns and strategies for the humane management and welfare of the national pet population including compulsory desexing and microchipping for all pet cats and dogs.
  • Cooperating and liaising with like-minded animal welfare organisations.
  • Fostering research into, and/or gather information relating to, matters affecting animal welfare, pet ownership, the efficacy of animal-related legislation and animal behaviour.
  • Referring any cases of alleged cruelty (reported to The Lost Dogs’ Home) to the appropriate authority or organisation for evaluation and further action.

Core values

  • To fight for the rights, value and welfare of animals.
  • To promote responsible pet ownership and maintain a continuous campaign to educate the general public about their responsibilities towards the welfare of pet dogs and cats.
  • To employ staff who: have a strong animal welfare ethic, exhibit empathy to the animals in their care and have an active desire to fulfill the Home’s vision and mission.
  • To be fair and ethical in all our dealings.