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If you love them, desex them

We believe it is every pet owner’s responsibility to desex their pet, not only for their own pet’s health and well-being; but to curb accidental litters that add to the thousands of lost and abandoned animals that enter shelters each year.

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Desexing your pet is simple.
If you love them, desex them.

Miracle moggie survives being hit by car

Mister Fluffykins is lucky to be alive after being hit by a car. The...

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Nitro (animal ID 1018042) is looking for a new home.

Busting the myths about shelter pets

Shelter pets are devoted creatures who want nothing more than a family to love and...

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Vet Nurse Day: Meet the nurses who help change lives at our shelter hospital

Today is Vet Nurse Day – a day to celebrate and thank the people...

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Preventing pet obesity: A guide to diet and exercise

Pet obesity is a growing problem in Australia. Overweight and obese pets are at...

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