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If you love them, desex them

We believe it is every pet owner’s responsibility to desex their pet, not only for their own pet’s health and well-being; but to curb accidental litters that add to the thousands of lost and abandoned animals that enter shelters each year.

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Desexing your pet is simple.
If you love them, desex them.

Jesse & Scout: Mascots for the Home’s achievements 12 months on

Jesse and Scout were only a couple of months old when they were surrendered...

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Mobile cat desexing: Five months on the road

In March this year, our mobile pet care unit, MADI, hit the road to...

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ADOPTED & ADORED: The adventures of Burnley – Melbourne’s luckiest kitten

Melbourne’s luckiest kitten is thriving in his new home, weeks after being rescued from a...

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Campaspe changeover

This week we were informed by the Shire of Campaspe that after seven years...

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