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  • North Melbourne
  • 1029317
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A little bit about Bonnie

Bonnie's favourite activity is a sniff-ari!Don't know what a sniff-ari is? Bonnie would love to show you!It's like a safari for your nose! She loves to go out for long walks and glues her nose to the ground, taking in all the smells and reading the world through her nose!This very intelligent girl loves to learn and has learnt a repertoire of skills during her time at the shelter. Bonnie is sometimes worried about new environments and meeting unfamiliar people, so she will need a gentle and patient family who can help her to continue building her confidence. Bonnie loves spending time with people so much that she has trouble coping when left alone. Because of this, Bonnie is looking for a home with a family that has a lot of time to spend with her. Bonnie has spent some time working with the Behaviour Department to help her feel more relaxed and independent when left alone and will need someone who is willing to continue with her training. Bonnie is looking to be the only pet in your home in your home and isn't suitable to go to off-lead parks or beaches. If you would like to meet Bonnie, please give the shelter a call to book an appointment with a trainer from the Behaviour Department.

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