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A little bit about Cindy Pawper

Girls just want to have fun, and Cindy Pawper sure is no exception to that rule!

This young Lady is the sweetest doggo you'll ever meet. Don't let that fool you, she is a cheeky girl and will require some training from her new Bffs to help her become the bestest gal she can.

Cindy Pawper has shown she has an ability to learn and learn quickly. Being a GSD she has massive scope for learning and we think in the right household she will flourish.

Cindy Pawper LOVES being the center of attention, and due to this she will need to be the ONLY furry friend in the home. Her future pawrents would need to continue working on this in the future and help her understand that other dogs may not be as scary as she thinks they are. Lots of treats and positive reinforcement will go along way with our girl.

She does love her people and would be happiest in a home where everyone is secondary school aged and above (16+).

So, if you're lost, you can look and you will find Cindy, time after time.
If you fall, she will catch you, she'll be waiting, time after time
If you're lost, you can look and you will find her, time after time
If you fall, she will catch you, (she'll be waiting), time after time

Weight: 25.5kg

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