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A little bit about Paige

Hello people! I'm Paige! I'm a sweet long lady, looking to find my life long loves!

I'm a very gentle big gal, I can't wait to find the right people to give all my smooches to. I love companionship and get excited when I see people who I've grown to love. Some of our attendants here have described me as bouncy!

I could potentially use the company of another large dog (as i do love to snuggle), but they would have to be around the same size as me & providing we make a good match.

After spending some time in my life as a racing dog, I'm looking for somewhere to take it slow. I'm thinkin' a life of luxury... Treats... Large beds... People adoring my every move... I deserve it, don't you agree?

Since I'm looking to chill out for now so I'm looking for a house with secondary age children and above. I am also looking for a home with no or few stairs - I really don't like going up or down these!

I'm not the biggest fan of smaller animals because of my history, so I would rather go to a home where I'm the only fluff-baby, or possibly a fluff-sibling in my size.

I can't wait to hear from you guys about how you can provide me with all the love and care I could ever dream of!

Weight: 24kg

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