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  • North Melbourne
  • 1058618
  • $115.00
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A little bit about Mandy

Mandy is a beautiful cat. Her foster carer enjoyed seeing her and Shilo (her foster sister) develop a sibling relationship. She very much followed Shilo and learnt from her but she also tried to eagerly exert some dominance over her in an affectionate way. Mandy was very playful with lots of energy. She was equally affectionate and really enjoyed night time cuddles (hours of cuddles). She is learning to not use her claws when being cuddled though as she sometimes would attack with claws and biting fingers when being patted. I found that through her play with Shilo and our patience, she became softer with claws and biting much less. I would recommend a family that doesn't have small children for this reason. We think Mandy will do well in a house with another cat or dog perhaps that is tolerant/patient with equal amounts of playful energy. She really needs an animal playmate and caring human to give the cuddles she so craves. We all love her. She will do really well in her forever home!

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