Cat adoption

Budgeting for a cat

With cats living up to 20 years, one of the biggest factors potential owners need to consider is the costs associated with caring for their new feline companion.

Caring for a cat can add up. According to Australian Veterinary Association caring for a cat will cost the average Australian approximately $1,722 per year. This figure can change depending on the cat, breed, age, size and any illness or accidents.
Below is a basic list of items for your new cat which outline the costs associated with cat ownership.

ItemApproximate price
Council registration$35
F4 + FIV vaccination$100
Veterinary consultation$60
Worm/flea treatments$200
Food$360 ($30 per month)
Litter$240 ($20 per month)

Pet owners will also need to consider:

Vet treatment and medicationVaries
Scratching post$50 plus
(e.g. collar, bowls, cat carrier, bedding, litter tray)$100
Toys and treats$50
Boarding$20 per night
Pet insurance$300 plus per year

You can download the cat budget PDF here.