Cat adoption

Cat adoption checklist

To ensure your cat is happy, healthy and safe, here is a basic checklist of what you will need to provide for your cat:

  • Microchipwith your current contact details on a microchip register
  • Local council registration annual registration which is compulsory after three months of age
  • Elastic safety collarwith council tag and engraved ID tag attached containing current contact details
  • Food and bowls nutritious, well-balanced diet at least once a day
  • Water and bowls clean and fresh water available at all times
  • Litter tray – one for each cat and cleaned out regularly
  • Scratching post – to keep their nails in good condition and because they love to scratch
  • Cat brush – for grooming long-haired cats
  • Desexing surgery once off surgery which will provide a range of health and behavioural benefits
  • Veterinary check up at least once a year or whenever your cat is sick or injured
  • Vaccinations important injection administered by your vet to protect your cat against a range of serious and sometimes fatal diseases
  • Intestinal all-wormer treatmentmedicated treatment you can provide to protect your cat against potentially fatal parasites
  • Flea and tick treatment cat-specific medicated treatment you can provide to protect your cat against nasty fleas and ticks
  • Behavioural and socialisation opportunitiesto learn how to behave appropriately and provide mental stimulation
  • Toys, exercise and climbing opportunities – to have fun, provide mental and physical stimulation and reduce boredom
  • Cat carrier – to keep your cat safe when driving in a vehicle
  • Time with you! – interact and play games with your cat on a regular basis