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Tammy is a delightful, very sweet and playful young cat who absolutely adores to play with marbles (and other small rolling things). She loves chasing after them and waits around for you to roll the marbles back again so she can chase it again. She will greet you at the door when you come home with cuddles and affection.
Tammy has also been harness and leash trained by her previous foster parents. She patiently waits until the harness is put on and will then run out of the door to explore the yard. When not outdoors smelling the flowers, she likes to sit at the window and watch the birds. She is very gentle with her claws and leaves them in even when playing. She mainly prefers to have her own little sun spot to lay in but doesn't mind when she gets company from humans. She does notice when you leave the room and will come after you to check out what you are doing. Warmth and sun are her major loves and she can relax in it for hours.
Tammy is truly a beautiful soul and would be a beautiful companion to any lucky owner.

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