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Oh Vicky! A kitten too perfect to describe!
Don't be fooled by her initial shyness, within an hour of warming-up to you, Vicky will be actively exploring and begging for pats with her irresistible purrs. She's a beautiful little girl with lovely long legs, a big heart, and an easy-going personality. Vicky loves a quick interactive play session with towels, strings and feathers, and is also quite happy to be left to find comfort in her own company. At her foster home, she also learnt how to deal with her housemate's sometimes grumpy and unpredictable catitude, and equiped herself with all the social skills she may need to live happily with another cat.
They say those who have big ears are great listeners, so give her an opportunity to be a great company of yours by bringing her home today!

This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are travelling to meet your potential new pet, he or she may be involved in the adoption process. To avoid your disappointment and inconvenience feel free to phone ahead to discuss the animal you are interested in.

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