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A little bit about Norman

Meet Norman!

Norman is a playful and affectionate greyhound who adores people and has an insatiable love for treats. His gentle nature and enthusiasm for human interaction make him an absolute joy to be around. With Bruno, every day is filled with laughter and warmth.

Norman thrives in the company of adults who understand his need for gentle handling. While he loves people, he can become overwhelmed with too much handling, so a home with adults only is ideal for him.

Additionally, Norman would flourish as the only pet in the household, as the presence of other animals can sometimes be daunting for him. With patience and gradual exposure, he can build confidence around other dogs, making slow introductions key to his socialization.

Norman new home should provide a nurturing environment where he can continue to blossom. He is a sweetheart with plenty of love to give, making him an ideal match for someone seeking a devoted companion. With the right person, Bruno promises to be a loyal and loving friend.

If Norman sounds like the perfect one for you, come in and meet him today!

Norms x


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