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A little bit about Mrs. Doubtfire

Introducing Mrs Doubtfire!

Mrs Doubtfire is a big-hearted girl with an insatiable love for people. Affection is her language, and she thrives on it. Despite her size, she is a gentle giant who craves companionship and attention. Her loyalty knows no bounds, and she's ready to find her forever home where she can shower her humans with love and affection.

Mrs Doubtfire would do best in a home with adults who can appreciate her strength and provide her with the attention she deserves. Due to her ongoing training needs, it's important that her new family is committed to force-free training methods to help her continue to improve. As she is still learning to navigate walks, patience and consistency will be key!

Mrs Doubtfire needs to be the only animal in the household. She has shown fear towards other dogs, so she requires a family that understands and respects her need to avoid interactions with other canines. However, her capacity to love humans knows no bounds, and she'll make a devoted companion to the right person or family!

Mrs Doubtfire came to us in a big chonky way (no judgement!) and is on a weight loss journey. She's currently on a feeding plan to help her achieve a healthier weight, ensuring she can live a longer, happier life with her new family!

Despite her size, Mrs Doubtfire is a champion couch potato. She's happiest curled up next to her favorite human, enjoying some quality downtime. Whether it's binge-watching TV shows or simply lounging around, she'll be your faithful sidekick through it all!

Mrs Doubtfire may be a big girl, but her heart is even bigger. With the right family who can provide her with love, attention, and ongoing training support, she'll thrive and become someone's cherished best friend. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this lovable Rottweiler, she's eagerly waiting to become your newest family member!


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