Shelter services

Shelter medicine

Addressing challenges rarely seen in private veterinary practice, the shelter medicine team oversees the health of the whole shelter. They are responsible for implementing preventative treatments and medicines within the shelter such as vaccination, cleaning and disinfectant procedures and isolation facilities.

In addition to ensuring the health of the shelter’s animal population, the team is also responsible for providing individual treatment to sick and injured dogs and cats. Seeing from 50 to 70 animals per day, shelter veterinarians and nurses care for a range of cases from complicated orthopaedic surgery through to routine desexing. The team will care for these animals with no medical history and no owner to make plans with within the stressful shelter environment.

The Lost Dogs’ Home’s shelter medicine team performs an integral role in ensuring the health and wellness of all animals in the Home’s care. Through promoting the highest standard of care possible, they help prepare sick and injured shelter animals for a better life together with their new family.