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  • North Melbourne
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  • $115.00
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A little bit about Muffin

Muffin is a beautiful, gentle and loving soul. She has a lot of love to give and is the ultimate companion! Muffin will bond with people, follow you around the house and loves to spend time on your lap and sleeping with you during the night. She is very smoochy and is constantly found rubbing against walls and furniture. Muffin enjoys the simple things in life, mainly food, cuddles, looking out the window and sleeping in a sunny spot. She also has a playful side and loves interactive play with cat wands, feather and string type of toys. Muffin is looking for a home where she receives as much love as she gives out. As beautiful on the inside as on the outside, Muffin is a loyal, special girl who adores cuddles, pats and human company. Best suited to a fairly quiet household and one without dogs as she is unsure of them and can be skittish around sudden movements and loud noises.

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