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  • North Melbourne
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A little bit about Pushkin

Say hello to the stunning Pushkin! Pushkin is a wonderful little lady who has the most gorgeous baby blues. Although she is four years old, her personality is much more similar to that of a young kitten. When she spots you, she gets very excited because she loves attention and if she sees you approaching, she'll often rub on the glass in plea for you to come to her. She is a super confident girl who will gladly approach new people for a good pat. She also has a very active and playful side to her and is super keen to explore her environment. Pushkin is also very good at responding to your vocal and hand cues which shows just how intelligent she is. If you spend enough time with her, Pushkin will show you her funny side as well. She does silly things like roll around on the floor when she sees you watching or pointing and honestly just loves the attention. If you think this little princess may be the one for you, come into our North Melbourne shelter today!

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