Recruitment procedure

The Human Resources Department is responsible for coordination of all recruitment activities for the organisation. To ensure this process is a streamlined, this procedure sets out the steps involved with the recruitment of a new employee. Our overview of the recruitment process is detailed here.

Vacancy identified

Position becomes available after a resignation, termination or decision for expansion of the organisation with position descriptions created or modified as necessary.


  • Advertisements are discussed with HR and most appropriate advertising medium is identified.
  • Advertisements are created by HR and approved by manager
  • Vacancy ad placed via:
  • Internal advertisements
  • Online through the E-Recruitment System (JobAdder) or
  • Local newspapers

Recruitment agencies

The decision to utilise the services of a recruitment agency is at the discretion of the Human Resources Team. No contact is to be made with recruitment agencies without consent from Human Resources.


The decision to utilise the services of a Contractor is at the discretion of Human Resources. No contract or agreement verbal or written is to be made with a Contractor without prior consent from Human Resources.


Resumes received are shortlisted by HR and distributed to managers for review. Preference is given to internal applicants providing they possess the required minimum skills/experiences.


Candidates to be interviewed by manager or another appointed manager. Interviews should always be conducted by two representatives of the Home with HR present at each interview. Unsuccessful candidates that have attended an in person interview must be contacted via telephone.

Offer of employment

  • Before a verbal offer can be made, two work related reference checks must be obtained. HR will conduct these checks.
  • HR will contact the candidate to inform them they have been successful in the role.
  • Upon acceptance, the Manager will contact the new recruit to discuss start times etc.
  • When all details are finalised, an Employee Contract will be generated.

Probationary period

New permanent employees are required to complete the specified probationary period.