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A little bit about Wendy

Introducing the sweet and sensitive Wendy!

Wendy is a retired racing greyhound who is now seeking a loving family to call her own. Transitioning from the track to home life may take some time, but with patience and understanding, Wendy is sure to flourish in her new environment.

Wendy is an absolute sweetheart. She loves a little snack and will take treats very gently. Scratchies are one of her favourite things (especially on the back of her neck!) Wendy also loves being a couch potato, enjoying lounging and relaxing with her human companions.

Wendy would thrive in a home with adults only who can provide her with the love and patience she needs as she adjusts to her new home. While experience with ex-racing dogs would be beneficial, it's not essential as long as the family is willing to invest time and effort into helping Wendy become a part of the family and feel at home. Due to her unfamiliarity with handling and other animals, Wendy will need to be the only pet in the home. However, with gradual introductions and continued work, she may be able to socialize with other dogs in the future.

Given Wendy's background, it's important for her new family to understand that she may require additional support and guidance as she adapts to her new life. Patience and consistency will be key in helping her build confidence and feel secure in her new surroundings. Additionally, providing plenty of mental and physical stimulation will help keep Wendy happy and fulfilled.

Overall, Wendy is a lovable and affectionate companion who is ready to leave her racing days behind and embrace the comforts of home life. With the right family by her side, she's sure to thrive and bring joy to everyone she meets!

33kg xx

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