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A little bit about Norman

Introducing Norman!

This handsome boy is looking for his forever home.
Norman is a playful, energetic and intelligent boy who is looking for a small family to call his own.

Norman would be set for success in a quiet household with an adult or two and if you have kids, secondary school-aged or older.

This lovely, handsome man has a gentle soul and once he gets to know you, is quite affectionate. He will be nuzzling your hand for more pats in no time.

Norman can be quite cautious of new people, crowds and new environments so would do best with maybe just one or two humans. He would also prefer adopters who understand that moving into a new home can be a little stressful and that he will need time to adjust and get comfortable.

Norman has shown that he is quite fearful of other dogs so is not suitable to go to a home that already has a canine and would be best for Norman to avoid highly dog-populated areas such as cafes, dog parks or dog-friendly beaches.

As Norman is a Heeler he is full of energy so would really benefit from adopters who are active and love playing fetch (must be played daily or he will yell at you).

Norman is a working breed, meant to be on a farm therefore he needs a spacious and active home with a big backyard but where he is also welcomed inside to be part of the family, therefore- no apartments!

If you think you would like to meet Norman, come down to the shelter today!

Norman xx

Weight: 14.3kg

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