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A little bit about Bart

Allow me to introduce Big Boy Bart!

This handsome chap is looking for a loving new home where he can grow into the best version of himself. Sweet, affectionate, and totally goofy, Bart would honestly be the best addition to any family.

Bart is definitely a big boy, and as he is still learning his puppy manners we think he'd be best suited to a home where everyone is 12+. Bart loves his human friends, but he can take quite a while to warm up to new people so its super important that all his new family members are prepared to give him the space he needs to settle in.

We think Bart could potentially go home with another doggo friend, but they'd have to be very well-matched. To ensure this, we ask that any other dogs in the household be present at the meet and greet so we can make sure that they're the perfect fit. As a puppy, Bart can get pretty overexcited around other dogs, so its important that new introductions are taken very slowly.

Bart is an amazing boy, but will definitely need his new pawrents to be committed to his ongoing training so he can reach his full potential as the best doggy ever. He's a smart boy and picks things up quickly (especially if you use lots of treats!), and so we know his training will be such a rewarding process.

Please note if you have children they must attend the meet & greet.

If you have room for this big boy in your heart and home, then please come down to our shelter ASAP to meet him!!

Bart, 38kgs xx

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