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A little bit about Bentley

Introducing the amazing Bentley!

He is a true sweetheart but through no fault of his own Bentley is now here at the shelter looking for his forever home. He is a bit unsure about being here at the shelter and would really love a home sooner rather than later.

He has told us that he would love a home with a family ready to love him and let him play with his soft toys all day long. He might take a second to warm up to you but once he knows that you are his friend he will shower you with love and affection!

Bentley has been deemed suitable with primary school-aged children and above so if you have children at home make sure they are all present for the meet and greet. Bentley is interested in other doggo friends but he can get a bit excited and really lose control of his manners, if you have a fur baby at home make sure they come into the shelter to meet Bentley to make sure they are going to be besties!

Bentley also has a medical condition which the amazing LDH vets can explain to you once you come in to meet him.

See you soon!


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