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A little bit about Dolly Parton

I tumble outta bed and put on my harness
Grab a squeaky toy to get the day started
yawn and stretch and play the day away

Working 9-5 what a way to get adopted!

Dolly Parton doesn't have a mean bone in her body and will fit in with just any family!

Dolly is a wonderful boisterous girl who is excited to start every day with a long walk and a good cuddle. She absolutely LOVES toys so please make sure that you've got an abundance of them to play with in her new home.

She is a young gal who already has some pretty excellent training under her belt. She sits without even needing to be asked and is very easygoing on her walks.

Dolly can be a little nervous around other dogs, so would probably prefer to be the only dog in the household for now. However, if you have a pooch at home you think might be a good match please bring them in for a meet-and-greet and if all goes well Dolly will be happy to have a friend.

She is an absolute cuddle bug who loves nothing more than getting attention, pets, and playtime from her favourite hoomans.

Dolly's got dreams, dreams of a beautiful new home with a loving family.

Dolly xx


This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are enquiring to meet your potential new pet, he or she may already be involved in an adoption process. If this happens, please consider another animals. Thanks for your patience.

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