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A little bit about Brownie

Everyone's FAVOURITE pooch!
You have no idea - this guy is the BEST! His absolutely charming and loveable personality is only built up more with his beautiful crossed-eyes!
We love looking into this big doofus' face, he's got that perfectly goofy face you just want to smoosh!

Although this big goofy brown boy has endless love and affection to give - we want to make sure we give him the time to bond with you! It took our lil brown dog a hot minute to make besties in the shelter - he needed time to adjust to the space and get used to his new routine! Once he got used to it - WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM he was everyone's bestie.

Brownie has a personality to die for - this professional goofus will fill your life with joy unimaginable. Being a typical staffy man he LOVES rolling around and dancing. He loves nothing more than his people once he knows you. All he'll want to do is sit on your lap and be by your side forever.

The shelter is a stressful place - and Brownie has shown us that other dogs can cause him a bit of stress. For this reason, we think he would be best to go home as a solo pup - but we really believe in the future with positive introductions and slow gradual positive training this man could make other k9 friends!

If you can't tell from this profile - we love Brownie. How could you resist his big dumb head. Everyday when we see him for breakfast he's wagging so hard his body is wiggling and he's smiling and looking up at you with his big golden eyes.

Brownie will make his new family incredibly happy. Please come meet Brownie today!

Weight: 27.6kg

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