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A little bit about Big Red

Introducing our shelter super star, Big Red!

Big Red came into our shelter as a stray and was incredibly scared and shut down. He was so terrified of everything that he had to be carried to his pen by the staff, this was no small feat since he weighs in at 35kg!

Big Red has been assessed by our vets and behaviour department as having an anxiety disorder and since he started on medication for this the change in him has been beautiful to watch.

He forms strong attachments to his favourite people and throws himself on their laps for cuddles. He is not yet able to play with toys as they are super scary in his opinion but he loves to treats and snacks.

Big Red is now ready to find his own special spot in the world and we are looking for an absolute gold star adopter for this special boy.

When meeting Red please don't be offended if he doesn't warm up to you straight away as we are sure that he will thrive in the right home. Time and patience is the key to everything with this boy, oh and an endless supply of treats would help as well.

Although Big Red has come along in leaps and bounds he is not suitable to go into a home with kids of any age or other pets. He needs a quiet home with a consistent routine to help him thrive.

If you think you might be the special person we are looking for (and trust me, we are fussy!) please hit the adoption enquiry button today!

This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are enquiring to meet your potential new pet, he or she may already be involved in an adoption process. If this happens, please consider another animals. Thanks for your patience.

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