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Everyone should know what real love feels like

September 8, 2016

The Lost Dogs’ Home adopted over 5500 cats and dogs into homes across Victoria last year and we have created a heart-warming campaign revealing the most recurring response we know to strike following an adoption; real love.

We believe everyone should experience this kind of real love and have captured the split second shelter animals show this reaction in this new campaign, appealing to people to choose the rewarding experience of adoption instead of giving in to purchasing puppies online or in pet shops.

With the thousands of advertisements for puppies and kittens online, a majority of which are from backyard breeders who maintain the cycle of homeless pets throughout Australia, the Home is seeking to highlight the one thing that can’t be bought online – real love.

Kerry Thompson, CEO of The Lost Dogs’ Home said, “there is something unique about a pet who has gone through a shelter before finding their new home – it’s almost as though they feel grateful for their second chance and never forget the kindness their adopter has given them. And in turn they become the most loyal, loving companions.”

The You Can’t Hide Real Love community service announcement can be viewed here and is being showcased in cinemas throughout Melbourne launching in September before peak spring and summer seasons in shelters start.