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Keep tummies full this Christmas by donating at Woolworth’s!

December 8, 2011
Woolworths kittens donation

While we normally don’t condone chucking food in the bin, every Christmas The Lost Dogs’ Home urges our supporters to just that – into our Woolworth’s Christmas donation bins!

For over 20 years, selected Woolworth’s stores around the greater Melbourne area have been a part of our Christmas Pet Food Appeal, where shoppers generously dig into their hearts and wallets to donate some much-needed pet food to our shelters. The Home usually receives around $100,000 worth of food from this appeal, so it’s fair to say we greatly depend on this appeal to help us feed the 25,000 cats and dogs we care for each year.

“By simply popping another bag of dry food or some extra tins of wet food into your shopping trolley, you are giving a lost or abandoned animal a full tum and a feeling of comfort this Christmas,” Development Manager Kate Hoelter said. “And by receiving donated food, it also means the Home can direct our funds towards other lifesaving programs and services, such as our 24 hour ambulance service and our adoption program.”

We accept all pet foods, both wet and dry, and would encourage anyone thinking of donating to try and mix it up! Our residents come in all shapes, sizes and ages and we try to cater a diet that suits their needs.

“We feed our residents a wide variety of food every day, including food designed specifically for puppies and kittens, and food for our senior animals too,” Kate said. “We also tend to run out of cat food quicker, so please don’t forget our whiskered friends this year either!”

A total of 62 stores in Victoria have already received their donation bins, including – for the first time ever – two regional stores, in Echuca and Kyabram! We are very excited to see donations starting to come in and hope people continue to give during our busy Christmas period. Kate said people often ask how they can help The Lost Dogs’ Home and our donation bins provide the perfect opportunity.

“It’s helping out at the most grass-roots level,” she said. “It might not seem like much, but food is something we will always need at the Home and our residents certainly seem to appreciate it!”

For a complete list of participating stores, click here.