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Home is where they belong: Dog adoption fees reduced to $210*

June 8, 2021

We currently have many wonderful dogs waiting to find a new home. Sadly, some of them are being overlooked by adopters and spending longer in our care compared to their shelter mates.

Each of our dogs is special in their own way, but they all have a friendly nature, big personality and lots of love to give. All they need now is a family to share it with!

There’s no time limit for these dogs to be adopted; they’ll stay with us for as long as it takes. But home is where they belong, so we’re launching a special adoption drive to help get them there.

Until Saturday 19 June, we’re halving adoption fees to $210 for adult dogs who have been overlooked and need some extra help finding a forever home.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities arrive at our shelters in need of care and a second chance. As an open-intake shelter, we’ll never turn away a dog because of their breed or age.

While small breed dogs are often a popular choice among adopters, larger breeds don’t always receive the same level of interest. But, they’re equally wonderful companions and equally deserving of a loving home.

*To help those dogs who need it most, the reduced adoption fee only applies to adult dogs who haven’t received adoption interest and are waiting longer to find a home.

We’re hopeful this initiative will inspire people who are ready to adopt, to consider one of our deserving adult dogs who has been down on their luck. From the goofy clowns to the gentle sweethearts, their lovable personalities will fill their new home with happiness.

Dogs often spend several weeks in our care undergoing extensive vet treatment and surgery, foster care and behaviour training to help prepare them for adoption. Our staff and volunteers love them as much as they do their own pets.

But, we want nothing more than to see these dogs in a home where they belong. This will also create extra space for hundreds more lost and abandoned dogs who will arrive at our shelters over the coming weeks.

Adopt and change the life of a dog in need

Dog adoptions are by appointment only.

View our dogs available for adoption here. If you see a dog who sounds like a great match for your family, home and lifestyle, click the blue ‘Adoption Enquiry’ button and submit your details.

We assess the first 20 applications for each dog to find a match and book an appointment for a meet-and-greet. We will only go beyond this number if a dog has special needs and the right match can’t be found.  

We will contact you to arrange an appointment if your application is within the first 20 for any dog and is a good match.

Finding the right match

Finding loving forever homes for pets is at the heart of what we do. Our team works tirelessly to find not just any homes, but well-matched homes where our dogs are set up to thrive.

As always, our thorough adoption process applies to ensure our dogs are matched with committed families able to offer a suitable home and meet their individual and ongoing health and behavioural needs.

Some dogs have very specific needs. If a particular dog is not the right match for you, please keep checking our website. New pets regularly become available for adoption.