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Top 10 reasons to adopt a cat

July 27, 2016

With their funny antics and purrs of devotion, there’s a lot to love about cats. They’re like a best friend, confidant and clown all rolled into one.

If you’re looking for a new pet, here are our top 10 reasons why you should adopt a cat.

#1 Cats are fun

There’s never a dull moment with a cat in your home. Comedians of the pet world, their playful and curious antics will always have you laughing. It’s easy to have fun with a cat. Even the simplest things, like a cardboard box or scrunched up paper ball, can provide hours of amusement.

#2 Cats are a great pet option for working people

Cats don’t need constant attention, so they won’t be fussed if you’re out for the day while you work. As long as they get to spend regular quality time with you, your cat will be content. Be sure to set aside some time each day for cuddles or play.

#3 Cats are the perfect apartment pet

Cats enjoy an indoor lifestyle and are perfectly suited to an apartment or unit. As long as your cat receives enrichment and exercise, they’ll be happy inside. An indoor lifestyle will also protect your cat from some of the dangers of the outside world, such as traffic, fights with other cats, and certain types of diseases and parasites.

#4 Cats are the ultimate lazy best friend

Life’s hectic, and sometimes all we want to do is be lazy. While enrichment and attention are a must, cats don’t need constant stimulation or exercise. If you’re looking for a companion who’s happy to spend most of their time chilling out, adopt a cat!

#5 Cats are therapeutic

Few things are more therapeutic than the sound of a cat’s purr. Sitting with your cat on your lap while you stroke their soft fur is the perfect way to relax – for both of you.

#6 Cats are full of personality

Cats are often misunderstood as being aloof and independent. In fact, they’re fun, loving and full of character. Just like dogs, no two cats are the same. Their unique quirks are what makes them so special.

#7 You won’t find a neater housemate

Cats are meticulously clean. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves to stay looking and feeling fresh. They’re quick to learn how to use a litter tray, too. As long as you provide enough trays and regularly clean them out, you shouldn’t find any nasty surprises hidden around the house.

#8 Cats are smart

Think it’s only dogs who can be trained? Think again! Cats are very smart. With positive reinforcement training and some tasty treats, they can be taught to come, sit, high-five and play fetch, among other things.

#9 Cats are great for families

While some cats prefer a peaceful lifestyle, many of them will fit right in to the hustle and bustle of family life. Easy-going and playful cats can make a great companion for kids, while quiet and reserved cats can make a nice companion for teenagers.

#10 Cats need you

The Lost Dogs’ Home has around a hundred cats and kittens looking for new homes, with many more waiting for their turn to go up for adoption. If you adopt a cat, you’ll be giving them a second chance at happiness. You’ll change their life, but the joy they’ll bring into your home will change your life, too.

Are you ready to open your home and heart to a shelter cat? Meet our adoption candidates today!