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This Story Will Definitely Cheer You Up.

December 4, 2019

“I’d just like to thank you all again for allowing us to adopt him… Kody has changed our lives forever” – Matt, Kody’s new ‘Dad’.

Since being adopted in June, Kody the Bull Arab has had such wonderful life experiences with his new family.

Romping in the daisies, snoozing under the doona, hogging the couch, hanging out with new doggy mates, experiencing the exhilarating rush of air from the car window… and even a splash at the beach.

Matt, Kody’s adopted family said Kody was already a very loved part of the family and had really come out of his shell with some TLC.

If you’re thinking of adopting a pet from a shelter, then let this little story of Kody’s transformation inspire you to open your hearts and your home.

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