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Share the Warmth with our fee-waived felines

May 5, 2015

Our North Melbourne and Campaspe cat shelters have reached capacity again with 135 cats and kittens up for adoption between both shelters, while just as many are being prepared for adoption.

This comes off the back of our Adopt-A-Thon campaign in March finding 311 cats and kittens a home in three weeks.

“While we were encouraged by the overall number of adoptions, sadly each cat condo freed following an adoption was immediately occupied by another in need of a home,” said our senior veterinarian Dr Alan Bolton.

“We have continued to be inundated with felines and the sad fact is some of the adult cats have been with us since Adopt-A-Thon, while a fair number of kittens have been with us so long they are now classified as adults.”

Dr Bolton said his vet team have been run off their feet for the most part of the year contending with the sheer magnitude of felines.

“Just to provide a snapshot on a busy day, my staff can desex, vaccinate, worm and microchip up to 30 cats in just one day. Once this would have been an unusually high figure for just one day however, in recent years this has been a reality.”

“More felines in our care also means more risk of cat flu — limited space and increased stress increases a feline’s susceptibility to cat flu.”

Dr Bolton said he is deeply concerned with the number of cats and kitten in our care heading into winter.

“We would much rather see the magnificent moggies curled up on a couch in a loving home, waiting indefinitely at our shelters for their forever homes.”

Share the Warmth

• Adopt from May 5 – 31 and receive fee waive adoptions for cats six month and over and 50 per cent off the adoption fee of kittens under 6 months.

View all our magnificent moggies here and at

Please note: Renters will need to provide a Rental Agreement showing approval to keep a cat. To receive the discount, you will need to complete our Pet Licence Test at our shelter or online.

How you can help

• Adopt: View our terrific range of cats and kittens at Visit your nearest shelter to meet them in person — our staff are keen to find you your perfect match! Remember you will need to complete your Pet Licence Test to take advantage of these offers.

Foster: We need fosters to care for cats and kittens for an average of two to four weeks. This is a terrific way to give a cat time out in a normal home environment, while creating vital space at our shelters. All expenses are covered and successful applicants will be notified within two weeks of applying. For more information visit our foster care page.

• Advocate: If you cannot adopt, why not advocate for a cat currently seeking a home? Share adoption candidate profiles via your Facebook page, email or via the good ol’ word of mouth!