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Extension of half price cat adoptions coincides with World Stray Animals Day

April 4, 2013
Raising awareness on stray pet


World Stray Animals Day 2013

Don’t be sorry, do something! – The Animals

[Graffiti slogan seen around the world]

Australians love to travel the world and exploring the furthest country from our continent has become somewhat a rite of passage into adulthood. At some stage on these travels, however, most of us will be confronted by the sheer magnitude and dire conditions of animals living on the streets.

It is not uncommon to see packs of dogs, riddled with fleas and disease, living as strays in the streets of poor and affluent countries alike; starving cats and kittens waiting tables at restaurants, desperate for a diner to throw down a scrap of bread — or even better, fish.

Seeing the plight of these animals and the sheer magnitude of their numbers can leave us feeling helpless and unsure how the situation could ever be changed. The truth is, the problem isn’t exclusive to countries far away — it is a global issue that includes our own home. More than 600 million — twice the population of the United State of America — stray animals worldwide will go another day without food, shelter and love they so desperately need and deserve.

Today marks World Stray Animals Day, with those dedicated to animal welfare across the world joining together and continuing the push to turn around the lives of stray cats and dogs. In Australia, each year The Lost Dogs’ Home alone cares for more than 31,000 unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs.

Kate Hoelter, managing director of communications and fundraising at the Home said that we can all help reduce the abhorrent number of stray cats and dogs. “The sheer magnitude of this statistic is truly difficult to comprehend; however, one thing that is certain is we can all play a role in making a difference.”

Kate said adopting an abandoned animal is one of the most direct ways change can be made: “The equation is quite simple: adopting a deserving cat or dog essentially means there is one less cat or dog waiting to be homed. Adoption is one of the most effective ways of bringing about change.”

“We are heading into winter and want to continue rehoming as many of our deserving animals as possible.”

Until April 14, you can adopt a cat for $47.50 or kitten for $85 (kittens are $65 at our Campaspe shelter). Each adoption candidate has received a full health check, has been vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. Those interested will have to first complete the Home’s Pet Licence test to be eligible for the discount.

“Owning a pet is not just about giving an animal shelter and food — there is so much more involved with being a responsible owner. The test just helps highlight important points and gives people the opportunity to learn and brush up on their skills. It also helps confirm that the home our shelter cats and dogs go to, will be their home for life,” Kate said.

If adoption isn’t the right option for you now, look into volunteering and foster caring for the Home.

You can view all our adoption candidates by visiting cat adoptions or dog adoptions on The Lost Dogs Home website. To complete the test, please visit

Log on to the April 4 World Stray Animals Day website for more information on worldwide events and campaigns.