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Statement from Andrew Tribe, Chair

January 20, 2015

Statement from Andrew Tribe, Chair, The Lost Dogs’ Home
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Our staff are first and foremost animal lovers. You wouldn’t work in such a challenging job if you weren’t. We can all understand why people are so passionate about animal welfare, because we are too.
For years our staff on the ground have done their best and worked hard, not just in rehabilitation and re-homing, but in vet clinics, reuniting, and spreading the message of responsible pet ownership.
The reality is that some people do abandon animals, fail to identify their pets with microchips or tags, and sometimes simply can’t look after their animals any more for all sorts of genuine reasons.
We strive every day to treat every animal in our care with compassion and always work towards the best possible outcome for them.
Sadly, in animal welfare organisations like ours, not all the animals that we receive are either able to be rehabilitated, or will be adopted.
That means part of our role is the humane euthanasia of animals.
Every one of us at The Lost Dogs’ Home loves animals, and every animal that is put to sleep is a tragedy.

Over the last few years, we’ve reduced our canine euthanasia rate substantially – down to 13% – and there is more work to be done.

Over the years we have made a number of improvements to assessment and rehabilitation practices.

In December we announced that planning had begun on a full review of our policies and processes.

That review is continuing, and it’s important that we get it right.

We aim to create a more transparent and more cooperative and overall more compassionate approach.

We want to continue to reduce the numbers of animals put to sleep – through increasing adoption, and continuing education and outreach programs to reduce abandoned and lost animals.

We are increasing our behavioural resources to further develop our animal assessment and rehabilitation.

We want to throw our doors open to those rescue groups who are best placed to help us, with plans to appoint a dedicated rescue coordinator.

And we want to take all of our supporters, staff, donors and friends with us as we do.