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Starkey finds his way home via the salami shop!

October 5, 2014

When we contacted Charisse to let her know her 9 year-old Burmese Starkey had found his way into the Home after 10 months, she was shocked. She had just begun to accept that she may never see him ever again even after trying her hardest to find him.

There were a few false alarms from people thinking they had seen Starkey on the streets, however they always ended up being someone else’s cat. Starkey was microchipped and Charisse had ensured that her contact information was up-to-date, so she felt there wasn’t much more she could do except wait and hope that he would find his way back to her.

As it happened, Starkey had in fact made himself quite at home at a small goods factory and had become such a familiar face they’d given him a name – Biscuit. Everyone was very fond of the friendly Burmese but after some time realised the food inspectors may not share their affection! With a note from a staff member willing to give him a home if Starkey wasn’t claimed, he was collected and taken to the Home.

After several months had gone by with no news of Starkey, Charisse and her husband decided to get another cat, adopting gorgeous Milo from the Home. They  love Milo to bits and he helped in some way to fill the hole left by their beloved Starkey but Charisse explained, ‘you never really stop looking’.IMG_4460

Elusive no more, Starkey and Charisse were reunited last week at the Home. While Charisse was obviously very excited to see her beloved cat again, Starkey met his owner after 10 months with a casual head-rub and smooch to her hand but was soon bundled up into her arms, happily receiving big hugs.

Looking at him after so many months apart, Charisse commented that she thought he was looking a little rounder than she last remembered and  joked that since he was found near a small goods business, he must have been eating too much ham and salami!

Starkey had received the best care during his leave of absence; however if he had only been delivered to the Home a little earlier, it would have saved a lot of heartache for Charisse. Cuddling and patting the laidback Starkey, Charisse is just grateful to have him back, and more importantly that he was microchipped.

While she hadn’t quite expected to find herself with two cats, Charisse is looking forward to introducing Starkey to Milo and she realises it may take some time for the two to get to know each other, but is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Starkey that home; with a balanced diet, is the best place to be.