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Adopt-A-Thon Feature: Sky makes a house a home

May 3, 2015

When newly-wed couple Suelem and Mario moved into their new home, while they were happy the felt something was missing from their lives. Both avid lovers of animals were looking for a companion they could shower with love. Suelem insisted it was time they welcomed a cat, while her husband — a self-confessed dog person — on the other hand was a little reluctant with the idea.

Their first encounter with three-legged ginger kitten Sky during our Adopt-A-Thon campaign earlier this year however, immediately dissolved Mario’s hesitation — now a proud cat convert.

Perusing our adoption candidates our cat adoptions centre in North Melbourne Suelem and Mario, despite trying to keep an open mind, kept finding themselves returning to one particular kitten.

“We felt an instant connection with her. She immediately started licking my hands and face. And, she didn’t stop even when I passed her onto my husband,” reflected Suelem. “I think it was once said in a movie once that you don’t choose a dog, the dog chooses you. Well it’s like that with cats too!

“Sky captured our heart and very soon it was clear we were in love.”

While the pair were keen on taking Sky home, they needed to seek permission from their landlord to keep a cat and placed Sky on hold for the weekend.

“We told our landlord that it was just the two of us in our apartment and that it would really mean a lot if you could allow us to have a cat. His response was: ‘Oh how can I say no!’”

Sky’s surgery

Sky came into the care of our North Melbourne Shelter earlier this year with a deformed hind leg. Following examination it was found the condition was something Sky was born with and had prohibited her from moving around comfortably throughout her short life.

Sky was not claimed following the mandatory wait eight-day wait period and was soon placed into surgery.

“We do everything we can to help our shelter animals move forward into their new lives as happy and healthy as possible,” said senior vet Dr Alan Bolton. “To preserve Sky’s long term health and welfare, it was decided her leg would need to be removed.”

Sky recovered well and quickly following the surgery and did not exhibit any difficulty with movement during her post-operative care. She was then desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and given flea and worm treatments before being placed up for adoption.

Sky had adapted so well to having three limbs, so much so that Suelem and Mario had failed to notice her missing leg when they first met her.

“She was moving around so confidently and was just so happy – we had no idea until we held her in our arms!” exclaimed Suelem.

“We just thought how amazing, she just had this surgery and she’d pulled through it so well. She was just so happy and playful.”

At home

Upon arriving home, Suelem and Mario allowed Sky to come out of her “shell” in her own time: “We opened the lid of her cat carrier and let her come out and explore in her own time.

“About twenty-minutes later, she came out sniffing and smelling around our house and soon enough settled in quickly like this was always her home!”

And, as for her husband Mario: “It’s amazing how much Sky loves my husband and how much he loves her! Whenever he goes out she cries after him, while he cannot wait to come back home to be with her.

“He is total infatuated with her. It’s amazing the power animals can have over people!”   sky-2

Only two months on, the pair are satisfied they made the right decision in adopting a feline.

“We are so glad we adopted and gave a chance to an animal in need. Sky has changed our perspective. We feel like we not only have a cat, we have a daughter.

“She has made our house a home.”

Our shelters are currently bursting a the seams with wonderful felines like Sky. View all our adoption candidates today!