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Sissy’s story

July 1, 2016

Sissy, a two-year-old Border Collie, was rescued from a puppy farm and brought into the Home alongside 10 other dogs. The conditions they were found in were horrific, to say the least.

All of the female dogs, including Sissy, were chained to poles or old cars and trailers on the property, with no access to shelter. Males were left to wander aimlessly.

All of the dogs were malnourished, with matted and filthy coats, covered in fleas. It was clear that none of them had ever been washed or brushed. Being tied up all of their lives, the females had developed compulsive behaviours, such as spinning, tail chasing and excessive licking.

Cruelly treated and grossly neglected, all of the dogs were traumatised, timid and had lost all confidence and trust.

Upon arrival at the Home, our shelter staff groomed, wormed and flea-treated the dogs straight away. That’s when they noticed that Sissy and all eight of the other females were pregnant.

LDH-sissyYoung, confused and anxious, Sissy didn’t really know what to do when she gave birth. She had never known a world outside the radius of the pole she was chained to her entire life. She didn’t know that she had to sit with the puppies to keep them warm, and she struggled to feed them. Luckily, our staff were able to guide and support her throughout the experience, making sure she was calm and able to feed her puppies.

The Home’s staff helped deliver the puppies from all nine females, giving the 21 surviving puppies a healthy and promising start to life.

After birth, it was time for Sissy to gain back her confidence. Our team from the Behavioural Program worked closely with her, giving her social and interactive training and rebuilding the trust that she had unwillingly lost.

Many weeks later, Sissy was ready to be adopted and start a brand new chapter in her life. It wasn’t long before she caught the eye of Karyn, who first saw her online. When they finally met, Karyn knew straight away that Sissy was the right dog for her family.

Through the help of our generous supporters and our shelter team, Sissy, as well as all of the other puppies and dogs, were able to find their forever homes and are now enjoying their happy new lives with their forever families.