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Sierra reunited with her worried family

March 12, 2015

Like many families going on holidays, Alex and his family organised for their pets to be cared for by a trusted neighbour. Sadly, when the family returned home they were devastated to find that one of their dogs had gone missing.

Sierra the six-year-old Scotch Collie mix was not microchipped and was not wearing an identification tag.

After searching for her locally, the family made contact with our North Melbourne Shelter where they were informed there had been a Scotch Collie mix in our care.

Eager to see if it was indeed their beloved pet, the family came to our North Melbourne shelter feeling a combination of nerves and excitement. Their trepidations immediately subsided upon seeing Sierra who recognised them right away!

To say that Sierra was beside herself would be putting it mildly — she was all over them! Nudging them, rubbing up against them, jumping up and whining excitably as if she was saying “I’m so pleased you’re back!”

Sierra is very dear to the entire family, they had hand-reared Sierra and her brother as puppies, so you can only imagine how distraught they were when she was missing.  She was desexed and microchipped before heading home, giving her family the peace of mind of knowing that should she go wandering again, she is now only a phone call away.