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Shaping a bright future for our voiceless friends

January 30, 2017
My mate Rolo

This is my first blog and it is something I will do regularly as topics of importance to animal welfare advocates and participants arise; and as stories, or topics of need and interest, inside and outside the Home, come to be told.

My primary purpose is to offer you a personal, honest and open path, whether as a supporter of the Home, or as an interested person in the community, to begin a conversation with me on topics of importance; topics that will help shape a bright future for our voiceless friends.

I have only been a part of the formal animal welfare environment for the last couple of years, starting with a small role at the Wildlife Hospital at Healesville Sanctuary. This is where I learned how powerful a dedicated organisation, such as Healesville Sanctuary, can be, in dramatically improving the health and well-being of wild animals. Animals who would otherwise have no way of letting us know how our actions impact on their daily lives, and their future chances of survival, were treated with respect, care, compassion and dignity.

This is also where I learned how powerful a capable not-for-profit organisation can be; at mobilising governments, welfare groups, rescue groups, conservation and research groups, communities, schools and the general public, to provide money, time, resources, people and passion to the cause of animal welfare and conservation.

Given these lessons, and the lessons I have learned from the people and organisations I have come into contact with so far in this role, my aim is to deliver a bright, compelling future. A future for all companion-animal advocates to believe in and support.

I will share this Vision with you as we travel the road together. Hopefully you will find it an exciting and fulfilling expression of what an animal welfare organisation can be, and, of course, support it. Our future will certainly not be achieved by the Home unaided.

Of course Visions are all very nice to have, but without a fundamental set of daily, weekly and monthly actions from people at the Home that match that Vision around how we operate, how we are funded, and how we support the animal welfare community, a Vision is just a plaque on a wall.

Visions are only ever delivered through real people doing real things on a daily basis – working hard and as a team, to make the future a reality. I am hopeful that as we share our Vision with you, you will join us as part of the team to make the lives of all stray, abandoned, lost, sick and injured animals, more certain, safe and happy.

Chief Executive Officer