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Seven reasons to adopt a senior pet

October 25, 2016
Senior cat Ruth (ID 802239) is looking for a new home.

Senior pets are full of love and life. Sadly though, senior shelter pets are often overlooked in favour of their younger shelter mates.

With their gentle demeanour and endless devotion, senior pets make the perfect family companion. Happy to take life at a slower pace, they’re content to simply be by your side.

At The Lost Dogs’ Home, our senior pets are those aged seven and over. So, we’re sharing our top seven reasons to adopt a senior pet.

#1 What you see is what you get

Senior dogs and cats are open books. Right from the start, you’ll know a lot of the important things, like their personality, full-grown size and grooming needs. This can make it easier for you to choose a pet who’s a good fit for your family, home and lifestyle. If you don’t like surprises, then a senior pet is the one for you!

#2 With age comes experience

More often than not, senior pets end up in the care of shelters through no fault of their own. Their owner may have passed away or moved into a nursing home, for example. As they’ve aged, senior pets have gained years of experience at being a devoted family companion.

#3 Senior pets waste no time settling in

Older dogs and cats understand what it means to be part of a pack, so they’ll become part of the family in no time. Most senior pets are also toilet trained.

#4 You can teach an old dog new tricks

Older dogs are great at focusing on you and the task at hand. They’re calmer than their puppy counterparts, so are less likely to get distracted. Plus, all those years of experience being around people can help them quickly figure out what you’re asking them to do.

#5 They’re happy to stop and sniff the roses

Senior pets like to enjoy life at a slower pace. Generally speaking, they’re calmer than their younger counterparts. They appreciate the simple things and are content to just relax and enjoy your company. You don’t need to be a fitness fanatic to own a senior dog – a short, gentle stroll around the block will satisfy your senior pooch. Plus, that leaves more time for cuddles on the couch!

#6 Older pets don’t demand constant attention

Senior dogs and cats don’t need the constant monitoring puppies and kittens do, leaving you with more freedom to do your own thing. Of course, it’s still important to spend quality time with your pets each day.

#7 They love you just the same

Senior pets may be a little older, a little greyer and a little slower, but there’s one thing about them that hasn’t changed – their ability to love. Young animals may be cute and bounding with enthusiasm, but senior pets are equally loving and fun, and equally deserving of a home.

To help our Golden Oldies (aged seven years and over) find new homes, there’s no fee to adopt. In lieu of an adoption fee, you can make a donation of your choice to support the care of our senior citizens. Meet our senior dogs and cats today!