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NEWS: Senior Pets Month is here!

May 1, 2014

Have you noticed your cat hesitating before making what was once an easy leap off the couch; or perhaps you’ve noticed your dog has lost pep in their step and your daily walks are taking longer?

If your pet is seven-years and older, these changes may be signs that your precious pet is aging and now require veterinary care specialised to cater to their age.

May is Seniors Pets Month at our Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic and we are encouraging you to stop and think about your senior pet’s health and wellbeing.

Keep an eye on all throughout the month for articles on the joys of owning a senior pet and useful information on keeping them happy, well into their golden years.

Also, if your pet is aged seven-years and over and you visit the Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic anytime in May, you will receive a discounted health test specifically tailored to senior pets.

What is a Senior Wellness Profile?

Senior pets have specific needs and it’s important their annual visit to the vet is increased to two times a year. The Senior Wellness Profile is a test for senior cats and dogs that detects the more common problems that can affect them as they get older. Detecting and correcting problems early gives you and your vet the very best chance to prolong and maximise healthy life of your pet. The Senior Wellness Profile no only gives you piece of mind that your are across your pets health, it also potentially helps you – through early detection – from paying for costly veterinary treatment and surgery in the future.

This simple and cost effective test includes:

– A comprehensive blood test that analyses your pet’s blood for common signs of organ and body function, enabling the vet to better assess their overall health and wellbeing.

– General health check provides a comprehensive test and evaluation of arthritis and the condition of their sight, hearing, oral health, skin.

For more information, or to make an appointment for your pet’s Senior Wellness Check for May contact the vet clinic! Frank Samways vet reception