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Working Dogs Series: Seeing Eye Dogs

April 28, 2013
Seeing eye dogs

You may not be aware that there are currently thousands of working dogs who play a significant role in assisting and enhancing the lives of people across Australia on a daily basis.

These clever canines can be seen saving people in rescue operations, giving comfort to people in nursing homes and hospitals, checking luggage at airports, dogs have also assisted soldiers in war and the list goes on.

For some people, a working dog is not only a four-legged friend, but can be their eyes to the world, giving them independence and freedom they otherwise would not have.

With Guide Dog Awareness Week this week, we looked at Seeing Eye Dogs and how they help transform the lives with people who are blind or have low vision.

On Pets-A-Loud this week:

–          We heard from puppy carer Carol Stack about  her first-hand experience raising a Seeing Eye Dog,

–          The Managing Director of Vision Australia joined us on the program to talk about how you can become a puppy carer,

–          And, TV vet Dr Katrina Warren calls in to told us about her appearance with the Wonderdogs at The Dog Lovers Show kicking off here in Melbourne on May 3.

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