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School’s in for Victoria’s doggos and kitty cats!

April 16, 2020

Humans aren’t the only ones going back to school this week with Victoria’s dogs and cats going back to class too.

Ever wanted to teach your cat to high five? Most people would be surprised to learn that cats actually love learning new tricks. 

The Lost Dogs Home has launched ‘Pet Squad Remote Online Behaviour Training’ so animals can learn in the comfort of their own home.

Spokesperson at the Lost Dogs’ Home Suzana Talevski said said virtual training for animals includes individual behavioural consultations and group training classes with an experienced and qualified behavioural trainer.

“We understand how important it is to keep up your training routine, especially if you’ve just recently welcomed a new furry friend into your home. To ensure we can continue running our programs, we will now be conducting all our services online,” said Ms Talevski.

The most common behaviours that Pet Squad sees are dog reactivity, separation-related distress, anxiety-related issues, under-confident dogs and aggression-related issues.

You can now attend private consultations for your cat or dog from the comfort of your own home by joining us remotely. Our puppy preschool and kitten kinder programs will still be running – you will simply connect with us in a virtual classroom and our qualified trainer will be there to guide you every step of the way.

“Pet Squad trainers practice and teach force-free, positive reinforcement based training methods. Positive reinforcement techniques use non-confrontational methods to stimulate the animal’s brain – reinforcing desired behaviour, training behaviours that are incompatible with undesirable behaviours and reducing the animal’s stress and frustration. There are no harsh verbal or physical corrections” said Ms Talevski. “Our trainers will show you how to use scientifically proven training methods and will teach you how to effectively communicate with your pet and strengthen your relationship.”

For further information or to organise interviews please contact:

Suzana Talevski

T: 03 9321 8719

M: 0436 836 836