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Responsible Pet Ownership – Dogs

October 22, 2012
Kevin and Kate at Pets-A-Loud

Each year The Lost Dogs’ Home’s North Melbourne Shelter receives around 25,000 dogs and cats and a good portion of them arrive at the home as a result of irresponsible pet owners.

Off the back of the thought provoking BBC reality TV series ‘Don’t Blame The Dog’, currently airing on ABC 2, we look at key aspects of being a responsible dog owner.

Read more about the TV program and the second episode of ‘Don’t Blame the Dog’ that was filmed at The Lost Dogs’ Home.

 Listen to the audio Listen to the JOYcast now

For more information on how to look after your dog, check out The Lost Dogs’ Home guide, ‘Looking after your dog‘.


The Lost Dogs Home News Wrap

Q & A with Dr Alan Bolton

Dr. Alan Bolton - Pets-A-Loud

  • Earlier in the program, Alan revisits a question we received from a listener who is interested in getting a new dog however, is concerned her anxiety may have a negative impact on her pet.
  • John from St Kilda emailed in to say that he took his 11-year-old Border Collie to the vet for her annual vaccinations and the vet suggested a blood test to check that everything was ok. Is this really necessary?

If you have a question for our resident vet, please email

Pet of the Week

Penny - Animal ID 922341

Name: Penny

ID: 922341

Age: 10-years-old

Breed: Terrier mix

Dog Dates (current)

October 27

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We continue to discuss responsible pet ownership and shift the focus to our other best friend, cats.