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Top reasons to adopt a greyhound

November 27, 2020

Greyhounds make wonderful companions and devoted family pets. With greyhounds often in need of new homes, we’re highlighting the top reasons why greyhounds make great pets.

1. Greyhounds are gentle

Greyhounds are the gentle giants of the dog world. Their sweet, calm nature makes them the perfect family pet and great dog for a home with kids.  

2. Greyhounds are a laid-back breed

Greyhounds enjoy life at a slower pace. They appreciate the simple pleasures, like a gentle stroll around the block and quality time at home with their family. They’ve mastered the art of napping and can often be found on the couch or in a sunny spot taking a snooze.

3. Greyhounds don’t need lots of exercise

Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds don’t need lots of exercise. A daily walk around the neighbourhood is important to keep your greyhound physically and mentally healthy. But, long-distance walks and extensive exercise sessions aren’t needed – your greyhound would rather be on the couch!

4. Greyhounds can be a great apartment dog

Greyhounds don’t need a large house and yard to be happy. They’re content lounging around the home with their loved ones, as long as they do get out on daily walks for exercise and stimulation. If you’re looking to adopt an apartment dog, a greyhound could be a great breed for you.

5. Greyhounds don’t need much grooming

With their short, fine fur, greyhounds don’t need much grooming. A daily brush will help keep your greyhound’s coat clean and healthy.

6. Greyhounds deserve a second chance

So many greyhounds find themselves in need of a new home once they retire from racing. These docile creatures deserve a loving forever home where they’ll be treated as part of the family. By adopting a greyhound, you’ll change a life and be rewarded with endless devotion.  

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