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Quarter 4 2015 statistics update

January 14, 2016

The Home took in 2661 cats and 2793 dogs at our North Melbourne and Cranbourne shelters throughout October, November and December. The reclaim and adoption rates for dogs increased slightly while the euthanasia rate fell 3.5 per cent to 8.2 per cent. The development of the behaviourial department and rescue program has helped us provide opportunity to more dogs with special needs.

We had an extraordinarily higher intake of cats and ran a half price campaign during the Christmas and New Year fortnight for cats and kittens, adopting out 141 felines. While the euthanasia rate for cats remains at 64 per cent, we are working hard together with our community of foster carers, rescue and councils at bringing forward some key initiatives that will improve those rates over time while paying extra attention to the considerable numbers of wild and un-handleable cats that come into our care. This includes our low cost feline desexing outreach program due for launch in early 2016.

The Home worked together with our rescue partners to resettle 89 dogs and 64 cats throughout the quarter. The newly formed Foster to Rescue program saw 76 kittens and adult cats cared for by our network of foster carers.
Capturecampaspestat*Quarterly statistics are currently compared to annual rates. In future quarters they will also be compared to the preceding quarter.
*Incoming animal totals may appear less or greater than outgoing totals due to animals already in our care at the cusps of the quarter.

Our Campaspe shelter took in 181 dogs and saw a 4 per cent increase on adoptions and a 4.8 per cent decrease in euthanasia rates. The shelter also cared for 164 cats with a lower overall adoption rate by 9.3 per cent and a 10 per cent increase in euthanasia. Heightened seasonal trends impact regional areas sharply, so a more accurate comparison of Campaspe’s quarterly statistics will progress throughout the year.

The 2014-15 year saw increased media attention on Campaspe’s adoptable animals in print and broadcast leading to increased adoptions. Throughout the half price promotion during Christmas and New Year, the shelter adopted out 15 cats.


These rates are the total number of dogs and cats across all shelters who were reunited with their owners, adopted into new homes or transferred to a rescue organisation or Best Friends Super Stores for rehoming.