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From hardship to happiness: Puss in Boots settles into his new life

October 22, 2017
Puss in Boots has settled into a new home after a rough start to life.

Puss in Boots was very unwell when he arrived at our shelter, suffering from health problems that had gone quite some time without treatment.

It took a team of people–including attendants, vets, nurses and a foster carer–to provide medical treatment and nurse him back to health.

After seeing Puss in Boots’ story on the Home’s Facebook page, Sophie knew her family could offer him the happy life he deserved.

I knew it was up to us to show him a loving forever home,” said Sophie.

“With two children (and a third on the way) and two dogs, our hands are beginning to get full, but our hearts have plenty of space for Puss.

“Puss is confident and relaxed, even showing the dogs who is boss. He has a beautiful, playful personality that is already shining through.

“The kids adore him and he loves all the attention. He is settling in perfectly and we a very grateful to have him.

“I love how affectionate Puss is. He comes running to his name and purrs so loudly as he brushes up against you. He is so happy to be patted and loves to snuggle up next to you.

“Shelter pets have usually been through a great deal of hardship, so they appreciate all the small things in life.

They live and love bigger and better than anyone, making them incredibly rewarding pets.

“Each shelter pet comes with their own unique quirks, meaning you will never find another pet like them.”

Puss in Boots’ now has a healthy life and happy home, thanks to kind contributions from animal lovers like you. Your gift today will help provide surgery and care to other homeless pets, just like him.