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Puppy Love

February 14, 2019

Wilma and Fred are true lovers waiting for someone to say “I Yabba Dabba Do” and welcome them to a forever home for Valentine’s Day. 

With a love as solid as a Bedrock, the duo are smitten with each other and cannot be separated! Fred can be a little shy at first and relies on Wilma for support. But, give him a few days to warm up, and they will both steal your heart.

Guaranteed not to get into any Barney Rubble, these beautiful bulldogs are looking for a quiet home with a secure yard. Goofy and playful, the pair need space to run around without other pets or children around.
Wilma has ongoing joint issues, so needs a bit of extra love with prescription food, medication and supplements.

Wilma and Fred have a lot of love to give, so please come down to meet them at our The Lost Dogs’ Home adoption centre today. Our wonderful adoption staff and vet team can chat to you about their needs!

Might be guilty of dropping Pebbles every now and then.