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The Chair of the Board welcomes our latest Correspondent

October 23, 2018

It is an honour to be asked to introduce PoCA (pronounced Poka) who has recently been appointed Professor of Canine Affairs by our CEO Keith Drew and who has now generously agreed to accept our invitation to write a regular blog about The Lost Dogs’ Home.

PoCA is an Honours Graduate of the Home’s Adoption Faculty Centre. Currently pursuing post-graduate research at the Drew family home in regional Victoria. This has been one of the most popular appointments made by our CEO and I am sure you share my pleasure in getting to know him.


PoCA intends to write about the Home’s personalities of either the four footed (including the feline variety) or two legged kind and capture the essence of their activities while making observations about the state of the animal welfare in general. Somewhat predictably perhaps he has chosen Keith Drew as the first subject of the PoCA articles. We are sure you will be duly enlightened and inspired.

Prue Gillies

From PoCA’s Study

I first met Keith Drew when, having lost my way at a distracted moment, I found myself in the company of the very comforting staff of The Lost Dogs’ Home. Keith, who turned out to be the CEO, visited me and we discovered an instant rapport. He is an astute spotter of talent and almost immediately offered me the position of Professor of Canine Affairs – PoCA (which I have now taken as a useful title) as well as new ‘digs’ in his own home. I was very pleased to accept, and having met Keith’s 3 year old son Max, and his wife Claire, it seems we will have a very promising future together.

Having been born in England, and having left Sydney where he grew up and was educated, Keith took up residence for several decades in the United Kingdom, travelling extensively in such countries as Cyprus, Germany and Iraq and has held the position of CEO in private and the not-for-profit sectors

Absence has of course affected his cultural knowledge of Australia in some significant ways, for example Keith doesn’t know anything much about the AFL and talks a lot about Aston Villa, an English Football Club (we would call soccer). His favourite food is pasta; mine is chicken, and we both like observing the bush animals which live around Keith’s house such as wombats and kangaroos. I would like a chance to examine these creatures a little more closely, but respect the ruling that this is not permitted.

Keith is determined to ensure that with a hot summer approaching all blocks at the Home will have access to effective cooling and of course our new Operations Manager, Dr Susan Maastricht, sees this as a priority too.

Time for a break, but I will be back to you in a few days with another probing profile.

Its great to feel safe and loved at last!