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PHOTO FEATURE: Learning to care for animals

October 6, 2015

Pursuing a career in animal welfare requires commitment, patience and a great love of animals.

Recently students from the Box Hill Institute visited The Lost Dogs’ Home as part of their Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. During their visit these students helped our animal attendants care for, and provide entertainment to, animals awaiting adoption.

With graduation fast approaching for thousands of grade 12 students, we wanted to find out what motivated these students to complete a course in animal services.


It was a love of animas and a desire to work with animal welfare organisations which persuaded student Travis to pursue a career in animal welfare; and his course has given him the opportunity to learn a lot.

“I have enjoyed going to The Lost Dogs’ Home and Myuna Farm to get hands-on experience in caring for animals.”



For Chloe, it was her experiences living overseas that inspired her to undertake animal studies.

“Where I lived overseas there were a lot of stray dogs, and people would abandon their dogs, letting them roam free. I had to do something about it.

“I want to go back overseas once I have finished my studies to help look after these strays.”



After initially wanting to become an animal groomer, Danielle quickly discovered that pursuing a qualification in animal studies was for her.

“When they talked about what’s involved in the training aspect, I thought ‘That’s for me – I’m doing that!’

“I’ve learnt so much about animal behaviour and body language since starting the course, I now want to be a veterinary behaviourist.”



Chad was looking for a change of job and change of career when he enrolled in his animal studies course.

“I was a tree surgeon, but I decided to move down here and start training animals.

“I’m looking to become a ranger or possibly working in a veterinary clinic – but I want something in the outdoors.”



Initially Jess was unsure about what she wanted to study – but she knew that she had a passion for animals. Since starting with the hands-on course, Jess now knows that she wants to follow her passion.

“After I finish this course I would like to work at the zoo and I also want to continue with welfare work.”



“I’m interested in becoming a behaviourist. I’m also interested in animal rescue and rehabilitation, so more the psychological side of animal rehabilitation,” said Emily.

Once she has finished her course, Emily is interested in working with animals that may not otherwise be able to find homes.

“I’m interested in helping animals who may need a little extra care and attention go on to find the right home for them.

“I love that this course is a step in the right direction.”


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