Pet Training

About Pet Squad

Pet Squad is The Lost Dogs’ Home’s specialised behaviour training department. We offer individual behavioural consultations and group training classes with an experienced and qualified behavioural trainer. 

Pet Squad trainers practice and teach force-free, positive reinforcement based training methods. Positive reinforcement techniques use non-confrontational methods to stimulate the animal’s brain – reinforcing desired behaviour, training behaviours that are incompatible with undesirable behaviours and reducing the animal’s stress and frustration.

We do not use harsh verbal or physical corrections

Our trainers will show you how to use scientifically proven training methods and will teach you how to effectively communicate with your pet and strengthen your relationship.

Pet Squad is experienced working with all types of behaviour problems seen in both dogs and cats, including aggression or anxiety related behaviours. 

Meet The Trainers

Debbie Larsen

Qualifications: Nationally Accredited Delta Institute Animal Behavioural Trainer, Fear Free Animal Trainer Professional and Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Experience: Debbie embraced her career in animal welfare as a veterinary nurse at RSPCA in 2000, where she developed a passion for animal behaviour running puppy preschool and kitten kinder classes. In 2005 Deb began working at Mount Evelyn Vet Clinic, running classes and PetPEP (Pets and People Education Program), teaching children to read animal body language and to be safe around animals. Later Deb began working at The Lost Dogs’ Home as a Post Adoption Trainer, initiating Pet Squads’ group classes and private training consultations. Debbie enjoys supporting families to establish sound relationships with their pets through training and behavioural modification and is also involved in training therapy and assistance dogs. She is a member of PPG, Fear Free Happy Homes and is a referred trainer with Delta Institute and MindDog Australia.

Interest in behaviour training: Debbie is passionate about animal behaviour and through education and training is inspired to strengthen clients’ connections with their pets, teaching how to read animal body language and understand their pets’ communication more effectively. She has a strong interest in feline behaviour, especially enjoying training kittens, helping build their confidence and enhancing life skills to ensure a smooth transition into their new home.



Elonnah Dutton

Qualifications: Diploma in Animal Technology, Cert. IV in Veterinary Nursing, Karen Pryor Dog Comprehensive Training Cert, currently studying Cert. IV Companion Animal Services (Delta Society – Animal Behaviour).

Experiences: Elonnah’s passion for animals started at a very young age growing up rescuing and nurturing wildlife. She began volunteering at Healesville Sanctuary in 2010 becoming a guide, training the parrots and assistant nursing in the wildlife hospital. In 2013 Elonnah become a trainee veterinary nurse and began teaching puppy school. She is now a senior veterinary nurse and is the owner of her own dog training business. She joined The Lost Dogs’ Home in 2019 as a Post-Adoption Behaviour Trainer. Elonnah is a member of the APDT and the Australian Veterinary Association.

Interest in behaviour training: Elonnah gets immense personal and professional reward helping and supporting dogs through separation anxiety, reactivity behaviour and fear-based aggression. She loves teaching puppy school and watching her graduates grow into beautiful companions. When not working Elonnah loves training and cuddling her rabbits, birds and cats.



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